Hello, my name is Avery. I am a student in 3rd grade at Memorial Drive Elementary.  This is my 4th year coming to this school. I’m happy to participate in Promote Georgia. It has been a great experience doing and creating this website. I’ve had lots of fun and learned a lot about my person, Franklin D. Roosevelt. My favorite things to do are run in races, play baseball, and Promote Georgia. I hope to do this again in my coming years.


     Hi! My name is Myra. I’m going to tell you some interesting facts about me. I live in a small house with my cat, granny, and grandpa. I love cats so much! they are so cute. I always play the sport of basketball. My favorite food is pizza.


     My name is Garrett. My birthday is November 10th. I go to school at Memorial Drive Elementary School in Waycross, Georgia. I’m in the third grade, and I am 9 years old. I love to play baseball, football, and kickball. My favorite color is blue. My favorite song is Burn’in Up. My favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite subject in school is math.


Hi, I’m Emma. I go to Memorial Drive Elementary School. My favorite subject is Social Studies. I like to make good grades. I have lots of interests like being outside and doing crafts.  I love being with my family, too. I like being in Promote because I get to learn more about Mary Bethune.


     Hi, my name is Dathan. I love to play baseball and basketball. I also like being in Promote GA. I like riding my bike around my neighborhood. Finally, Jonathon is my best friend.                                 


     My name is Bailee, and I am eight years old. I live in Waycross, Georgia. I go to Memorial Drive Elementary School. I’m in Mrs. Sharpton’s 3rd grade class.  I also love to read and do experiments.


Hi, I’m Dalton! I worked on Cesar Chavez this year. I have a great mom and dad, but my sister drives me up the wall. I also have two dogs. I have many interests such as playing sports, being outdoors, and just having fun. My favorite food is pizza, and I like the color blue. That’s all about me! 


     My name is Tyanna. I have a couple things to tell you about myself. The first thing is I love history. I like to watch TV. I also like to study to pass the CRCT and sometimes I like to go to school. Also my favorite months are July and September.